Tiling image using precache.php

Kamap come with some features that usefull to make web browser loading more faster that usually. One of the feature is precache.php. This script has a function to create tiling image.This is another option to view yout spastial data from your browser like as google maps. Yeah like as google taste.

The basic skill if you want to tiling using precache, step one you have to install mapserver on your computer. Next step you have to understand what is and how to create mapfiles.

Here we go on detail how to tiling your spatial data.

exp: you have ms4w installed on root directory c:/ on your computer. You have kamap on under folder apps with the name is map. You already configure the name of your kamap browser on httpd.d. Your mapfile location on c:/ms4w/apps/kamap/ and the name is peta.map

1. Please test your mapfile using shp2img to test your mapfile first in order to make sure that mapfile on the correct format.

open your command line DOS and type this command.
cd \ms4w\apps\kamap
c:\ms4w\apps\kamap>c:\ms4w\apache\cgi-bin\shp2img.exe -m peta.map -o peta.png

If your mapfile is valid you will see the png image (peta.png) on the c:/ms4w/apps/kamap/

2. Normally your kamapĀ 


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